Our Vision

To enrich quality and values in education through conscious sustenance initiative.

Our Mission

🗹 To stimulate the academic environment in order to enhance the quality of teaching, learning and research in higher educational institutions. 🗹 To undertake consultancy, research, and training programs. 🗹 To collaborate with other stakeholders of higher education for quality enhancement and sustenance.


Sensitizing the higher education institutions towards sustain ability, contribution to national development, inculcation of values systems among students and promotion of technology.


🗹 To promote a quality-conscious system of higher education where excellence, relevance to market needs and participation by all stakeholders are prime and major determinants.

🗹 To facilitate building an education system, as facilitators of human resources, that will match the national goals of growth by competence, contribution to economy through competitiveness, and compatibility with societal development.

🗹 To set the quality benchmarks targeted at global and national stockpile of human capital in all fields of technical education.

🗹 To conduct evaluation of self-assessment of institutions and/or programs offered by them on the basis of guidelines, norms, and standards specified by it.