Campus Sustainability Program

“Education for sustainability is a lifelong learning process that leads to an informed and involved citizenry having the creative problem-solving skills, scientific and social literacy, and commitment to engage in responsible individual and cooperative actions. These actions will help ensure an environmentally sound and economically prosperous future.”

Campus Sustainability Program primarily focuses on energy and climate change, but also includes topics such as campus waste, food, and water usage, all of which can impact climate change. Practical and innovative sustainability efforts and methods are underway on campuses ranging from small private schools to large public institutions. AuroPath can formulate strategies and ensure the success of campus sustainability program.

Areas of focuses are

  • Small-Scale Energy Efficiency Initiatives
  • Large-Scale Efficiency Initiatives
  • Renewable Energy Initiatives
  • Transportation
  • Environmental Procurement
  • Waste Management
  • Green Building Design
  • Water and Ecological Design
  • Education and Outreach
  • Innovative Financing

The activities focuses on to Create Organizational Infrastructure to Support Sustainability,Perform Energy Independence Study and Implement Recommendations, Encourage the Teaching of Sustainability, Campus Environmental Audit, Planning Procedures in Key Operational Areas, Develop Community Gardens and Composting Site, Perform Assessments, and lots more.